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Exploring Zero Latency Streaming

MESHUB is the Key to Accelerate 5G Applications & Seamless Video Streaming

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MESH Stream

MESH Stream utilized WebRTC technology to achieve almost zero latency live streaming and video conferencing through ordinary web browser without having to download any software or install plugin, which we believe this will be the standard for most 5G applications.

For developers, web and native iOS/Android applications can seamlessly integrate WebRTC streaming through our MESH Stream SDK which can take advantage of our MESHUB P2P network which offers high speed transcoding at lower cost along with hybrid CDN support.


MESHUB is an edge computing device that powers the MESH P2P Network to accelerate data transfer and distribution across different geograhpical locations through our hybrid CDN technology.

MESHUB can be deployed to any location with network and electricity supply such as datacenters, retail shops or even normal household. You can share your excessive bandwidth and earn commision by owning a MESHUB to power the MESH P2P Network.



A Complete Streaming Solution

MESH Stream supports a variety of media streaming protocols such as WebRTC, RTMP, RTSP and HLS that fit for over 10 scenarios in 5G applications. You are able to stream videos directly on web browser or publish them to different social platforms like Facebook or YouTube through our SDK which offers more flexibility than other existing solutions in the market.

MESH Stream 0.5-2s (WebRTC) Low Web Browser(no plugin needed), Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or any platform support by SDK Up to 4K Live Streaming, Video Conferencing, Remote Healthcare, more than 10+ scenarios
AWS IVS 3s+ (HLS) High Any platform support by SDK Up to 1080p Live Streaming Only
Facebook 10-30s+ (HLS) High Self Platform Only Up to 720p Live Streaming Only
YouTube 10s+ (HLS) High Self Platform Only Up to 4k (Limited condition) Live Streaming Only
Twitch 3s+ (HLS) High Self Platform Only Up to 4k (Limited condition) Live Streaming Only